Jan 3, 2017

The blog. Degrowth. By Edgardo Civallero

The blog


About the contents

This weblog is intended to confront the reader with the impossibility of unlimited growth in a finite biosphere, and is aimed at introducing the notion of "degrowth", which remains quite ignored by public at large, in spite of being an issue in need of urgent attention.

Degrowth is part of a social movement and a current of thought anchored in ecologism, anti-capitalism and anti-consumerism. Basically, the idea establishes that there are biophysical limits to growth that have already been exceeded (causing an alarming exhaustion of natural and energy resources) and it is therefore necessary to drastically reduce the levels of production and consumption ― these levels being the main causes of all environmental problems (climate change, pollution, threats to biodiversity) and of many social inequalities.

Degrowth does not entail a decline in fundamental human well-being. Much on the contrary, its proponents argue that a decrease in production/consumption would create non-consumerist ways of life, much healthier in every possible way. It would also stop First World's neocolonialism: the massive and sustained use of global natural resources to maintain lifestyles that squander food and energy resources and generate huge amounts of waste, usually at the expense of the Third World.

This will be a space devoted to present critically-built ideas and thoughts; to collect and organize information resources about this topic; and to explore the potential links between degrowth (and associated issues, like sustainability and Anthropocene), information and libraries.


About the site

Degrowth was created in January 2017 and it is maintained by Edgardo Civallero, an Argentina-born, Spain-based former biologist and current librarian and writer.



Image from Rethinking Prosperity [http://rethinkingprosperity.org/]